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  • …were founded in 1949 to give students the opportunity to perform in a full orchestra. The CSO Youth Orchestras have more than doubled in size and now include a Symphony Orchestra, a Philharmonic Orchestra, and an Etude String Orchestra and Prelude String Orchestra. String students of any age may audition with a recommendation from their private lesson teacher. Percussion, winds and brass students must be between the ages of 12 to 20.

AUDITION UPDATE: June 15, 2018

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, audition notification letters will be sent out on Monday, June 18. Thank you for your patience. You should receive your letter by June 22, depending on the USPS.¬†Please do not call or email for results. While you wait, please download the rehearsal and concert schedules for next year which are available below. Also, please visit our Policies page and review the 2018-2019 Attendance Policy, which has changed.¬†There will no longer be any “excused” absences. Please contact the CSOYO Manager if you have any questions about the new policy.


If you were unable to attend regular auditions and would like to be considered for membership, late auditions may be available during the summer. Please contact the CSOYO Manager via email at to schedule an audition. All late auditionees, should they be accepted, will be placed at the end of their section and are not eligible for chair placement.

Thanks once again to all for your interest in the CSO Youth Orchestras.

Rehearsal Schedules