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2018 Concerto Application

Please click the link below to download a digital copy of the 2018 Concerto Application or fill out the online application. If you have any questions, please email Stephanie Pearson at

THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS AUGUST 20, 2018.  All applications must be received at the CSO office prior to or at CSOYO rehearsal or on August 20, 2018.  Late registrations will not be accepted.

Concerto Application 2018

Concerto Competition

2017-18 CSOYO Symphony members who have been in the CSOYO Symphony (or Philharmonic) for at least one year prior to this season are eligible. Complete this form no later than August 24, 2017. More information at
  • You must audition on the instrument you are currently playing in the CSOYO.
  • Please enter the full title of the composition you will be performing for the audition. Including the Opus no., etc. (if applicable), as well as the specific movement(s).
  • Please enter the approximate length of the composition you are performing. Your selection should be no longer than 12 minutes.