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WOODWINDS and BRASS auditioning for SYMPHONY/PHILHARMONIC, please prepare:

  1. Scales- prepare the listed scales and chromatic scale. The judge will select one or two scales and chromatic at the audition. Memorization of scales is not required. Auditionees may bring a scale sheet or scale book with them to audition.
  2. Excerpts- prepare excerpts #1, 2 and 3
  3. Solo- select one from the list provided.

WOODWINDS and BRASS auditioning for SYMPHONY and PHILHARMONIC will have the same audition and will be placed in the appropriate orchestra based on their overall scores.

Oboe Scales

Oboe Ex 1 pg 1   Oboe Ex 1 pg 2

Oboe Ex 2 pg 1   Oboe Ex 2 pg 2

Oboe Ex 3

Oboe Solos