Code of Conduct

The Board of the CSOYO has developed this Code of Conduct to ensure that there is no misunderstanding concerning the proper expectations that are required from student musicians.  The following list details specific guidelines relating to behavior, attendance, dress code, and other possible infractions that will result in dismissal from the CSOYO.  This Code of Conduct is not limited to infractions listed below, and the Board reserves the right to take disciplinary action as the Board deems appropriate.

Student musicians are expected to be polite and courteous to everyone they meet, whether at rehearsals or at public performances.  The following are specific infractions that will result in immediate dismissal of a CSOYO student musician:

1. Repeated incidences of rudeness to or harassment of fellow student musicians, conductors, coaches, staff, and/or CSOYO Board members

2. The use of tobacco products and/or any illegal substance including, but not limited to, alcohol

3. The use of profane language or the possession of objectionable printed or recorded material

4. The possession of a weapon

5. Theft or vandalism of property including, but not limited to, CSOYO student members, CSO, CSOYO, Hamilton County Schools, City of Chattanooga, Brainerd Baptist Church, and all venues where the CSOYO performs

6. Violation of the Attendance Policy or repeated and intentional violation of the Dress Code

7. Expulsion from school

A student on suspension from school may not participate in CSOYO rehearsals or concerts.  If a student misses rehearsals due to suspension the absences will be considered unexcused per the Attendance Policy.  If a student misses a concert due to suspension, he/she will be dismissed from the CSOYO.