Concert Etiquette

Etiquette is simply good manners toward other people.  Courtesy and consideration for others are what good manners are all about.  Listed below are some basic guidelines in the concert hall for both performers and audience members.

For Performers

1.  Listen carefully to the tuning note.  Give the oboist a chance to find the right pitch before playing.  When you are finished tuning, please resist the temptation to practice your music or continue tuning when your section of the orchestra is finished.

2.  Always stand when the conductor enters the stage during a performance.  The concertmaster will indicate when to stand and when to sit.

3.  Never let the audience know if something goes wrong in performance.  Most people won’t notice it, and even if they do it’s your job to help them forget about it.

4.  Be sure not to talk or make any unnecessary distracting movements during performance, especially if someone near you has a solo or prominent passage.

5.  When waiting backstage (or within 50 feet of the performance area), please be careful not to speak above a whisper.  It’s a natural reaction for groups of people to talk louder and louder (Lombard effect) until the sound begins to be heard by the audience and/or performers.

6.  Be sure to let the orchestra on stage have plenty of room to exit before you try to enter the stage area.  The easier you make it for them to exit, the sooner you’ll be onstage.

7.  If you want your section of the orchestra to really shine, make sure that you are careful to follow and match with the principal player of your section.  Even if you think that you’ve learned the notes and rhythms, it is always a challenge (that all professional players know) to match and blend in terms of rhythm, pitch, tone, and style.

When CSOYO members are alternating as performers and audience members during a CSOYO concert, please sit together in the designated section (not with your family).  No one should leave before all performances are over, unless special written permission has been granted by the CSOYO Manager (in consultation with the CSOYO Board) prior to the day of the concert.  Please present your written permission for early dismissal to the designated chaperone before leaving.  Any student leaving early without written permission will receive an ”unexcused rehearsal absence”.  Remember: only two unexcused rehearsal absences are permitted during the season.

For the Audience

1. Please arrive early or wait to enter the performance area between musical selections.

2. Please remain seated during the performance.

3. Food and drink are not allowed in the performance area.

4. Please be as quiet as possible during the music.  Talking (or even whispering) can be annoying to those around you.  The concert will be more enjoyable for everyone when the audience is quiet and respectful.

5. Please be sure to turn off pagers, cell phones, and any other distracting accessories.

6. Flash photography during the performance is prohibited for the consideration and safety of the performers as well as the audience.

7. Please do not post a video recording of CSOYO performances (or rehearsals) on YouTube or any other public internet website.  It may be in violation of copyright laws.  Many of the compositions and arrangements played by CSOYO orchestras and ensembles are protected by copyright laws.

It is polite to applaud the conductor and concertmaster, or soloist(s), when they make their entrances, and at the end of musical selections.  It is the most appropriate way to show your approval and appreciation for the musical experience and for the performers.