Harassment Policy

The CSOYO is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for young musicians participating in its programs so that they may study, create, and perform at the highest artistic level. The CSOYO does not tolerate any inappropriate behavior or contact by or towards its students, conductors, staff, or any other individuals associated with the organization. Inappropriate behavior or contact includes, but is not limited to, physical, mental, verbal or sexual harassment of any kind.

COMPLAINT PROCEDURE: If you believe you have been subjected to conduct that violates this policy or witnessed any such conduct, or otherwise have reason to believe any such conduct has occurred, you must, as soon as possible, report the incident(s) to the Executive Director of the CSO and/or the CSOYO Manager. The CSO will promptly investigate all allegations of harassment and take appropriate corrective action where warranted. To the extent possible, the CSO will maintain the confidentiality of all information related to the complaint and investigation.

Additionally, any person having cause to believe that a student’s physical or mental health or welfare has been adversely affected by abuse or neglect by any person must immediately make a report of such conduct to appropriate law enforcement and other governmental agencies of the State of Tennessee.

No one will be subjected to any form of adverse action for good faith reporting of incidents of harassment or otherwise inappropriate behavior that may violate this policy, or for pursuing any claim in connections with a musician or conductor, or for cooperating in any related investigation.

CONSEQUENCES: If a complaint is found to have merit, appropriate corrective action will be taken. Such action may include immediate discipline, up to and including termination of employment or removal of the individual from all CSOYO programs. If warranted, including where required by law, information will be turned over to the appropriate authorities.