Concert Attire

CSOYO Concert Dress Code Policy

Updated for the 2021-22 Season

The intent of the Concert Dress Code is to create consistency in the appearance of all orchestra members, without distractions, with an appropriate standard for the concert event, so that each orchestra can perform cohesively as a unit, focused on the musical presentation. Individual musicians should visually blend in, not stand out. The CSOYO Concert Dress Code is modeled after professional symphony orchestras across the United States, while keeping cost and comfort in mind. Each CSOYO Member is responsible for obtaining their own concert attire, subject to approval.

Proper concert attire is required of all CSOYO members. If a student is not properly attired for a concert, he/she will be asked to contact their parents for the necessary change of clothing. If this is not corrected in time for the performance, the student may not be allowed to perform. Failure to perform could result in possible dismissal from the orchestra. Please notify the CSOYO Manager, or CSOYO Committee member, as soon as possible if there is any difficulty in adhering to the dress code.




The CSOYO Concert Dress Code Policy has been updated for the 2021-22 season as follows:

 All CSOYO Members will wear ALL BLACK attire, with the following options:

  • Black button-down shirt, black blouse, or black sweater with elbow-length or longer sleeves with a relatively close-fitting neckline. Black tie and/or jacket/blazer acceptable but not required. NO T-SHIRTS.
  • Black dress pants or skirts (below knee-length or ankle-length, must cover knees when seated). Black tights or hose to be worn with skirts. No denim or leggings. Black leggings may NOT be substituted for black tights or hose.
  • Black dress that has elbow-length or longer sleeves with a relatively close-fitting neckline, below-knee length or ankle-length, must cover knees when seated. Black tights or hose to be worn with dresses.
  • Black dress shoes with black soles, black socks, tights, or hose. No athletic shoes, no open-toed shoes, no colored laces, no logos on socks.

No jewels, sparkles, patterns, lace, sheer fabrics, color other than black, or distracting embellishments on any clothing item. No large jewelry pieces or anything that will reflect light.

Tuxedos should not be worn unless the dress shirt is black. Tux pants may be worn with a black dress shirt; jacket and black bow tie optional. 

A CONCERT DRESS CHECK will be held on Monday, Oct. 25, 2021 for all orchestras at the regular Monday rehearsal. Members should come dressed in their full concert attire, including socks and shoes, for inspection prior to the start of rehearsal (please come a few minutes early to avoid disruptions). Following inspection, members may change into street clothes for rehearsal if they wish. Any member who does NOT pass will receive an email regarding the dress code issue in question, which should be corrected immediately. These members will then need to be RECHECKED prior to the Fall Concert. Symphony and Philharmonic members needing rechecks should dress out for the Fall Concert Venue Rehearsal on Sunday, October 31, 2021 at Brainerd Baptist Church. Etude & Prelude members needing rechecks should dress out on Monday, November 8, 2021 at First Baptist Church at regular rehearsal. These members should report directly to the CSOYO Manager for the Recheck.

Once a member passes the Concert Dress Check, it is assumed that they will wear the same concert attire for the rest of the season with no variations. If for any reason a new concert dress item or ensemble is needed after the first concert, please get approval from the CSOYO Manager prior to the next concert.

For Venue Rehearsals (the day before a concert), members do not need to wear Concert Dress. On these days, members can wear their CSOYO Logo T-Shirts or street clothes to rehearsal.


Members who have difficulty finding Concert Dress attire in their size may check out these uniform companies as resources. The CSOYO does not have a standard UNIFORM, but these companies offer some products that will comply with the CSOYO Dress Code standards. If you need any assistance in ordering the correct item, please contact the CSOYO Manager.


   (long sleeves)


Members who have a school band or orchestra uniform already that closely fits the CSOYO Dress Code can have this uniform checked by the CSOYO Manager for approval.

Questionable infractions of the dress code are subject to the discretion of the CSOYO Manager or the CSOYO Conductors.

There will be no exceptions made to the dress code. To avoid embarrassment and the possibility of missing a performance, please conform to this concert attire policy.