Current Rehearsal schedules are available at the links below. All interested applicants should review the rehearsal and concert calendars for availability before making the decision to audition.

All regular rehearsals take place on Monday evenings during the school year at First Baptist Church, 401 Gateway Avenue, Chattanooga TN 37402. Concerts are held on Monday evenings at various venues in the area. Dress rehearsals typically take place on the Sunday afternoon prior to the performance at the performance venue. Attendance at all venue rehearsals and concerts in mandatory. 

Included are the vast majority of dates, locations, and times.  Although we hope there will be no changes to the schedule, the CSOYO reserves the right to change or modify any of the information above as needed.  Notice (in writing, if possible) will be given well in advance of any change.

2021/22 Philharmonic Rehearsal Schedule

2021/22 Symphony Rehearsal Schedule

2021/22 Etude & Prelude Rehearsal Schedule