Audition Information

2022-2023 CSOYO Audition Information

CSOYO Auditions will be held in person in May 2022. All new applicants and returning members must audition. The audition dates will be Monday, May 9, Monday May 16, and Thursday May 19, 2022. These May auditions will also serve as the initial seating auditions for each orchestra.

Interested applicants should review the CSOYO website ABOUT tab for important information about orchestra skill level, eligibility, rehearsal location and schedules, conductors, and member benefits before applying. The POLICIES tab also is also very helpful. A calendar of the 2022-2023 CSOYO season will also be made available on the CSOYO website in April 2022 so that you can verify any scheduling conflicts prior to auditioning that may prevent you from participating in the CSOYO. The CSOYO rehearses on Monday evenings during the school year and all rehearsals, venue rehearsals (on Sundays), and concerts are MANDATORY. Please review the Attendance, Concert Dress and other policies found on our website prior to your audition.


  1. PREVIOUS MEMBERSHIP: All current or past CSOYO members must re-audition every year.


The CSOYO has four orchestras. Students must audition for a specific orchestra based on their level of skill and experience. (Please consult with your teacher or director for assistance in selecting the correct orchestra for your current skill level.)

                Prelude (strings only): 1-2 years of experience                   

                Etude (strings only): 2-3 years of experience

                Philharmonic (all instruments): intermediate level           

                Symphony (all instruments):  advanced level

Applicants who are not chosen for their selected orchestra may be considered for membership in a lower orchestra.


                SYMPHONY:  12 – 19 years of age

                PHILHARMONIC: 10 – 19 years of age

(Students younger than 12 who wish to audition for either Symphony or Philharmonic must submit a recommendation letter to the CSOYO manager from their private music teacher or school instrumental teacher prior to their audition).

                ETUDE & PRELUDE:  up to age 19

  1. SCHOOL PROGRAMS: Students must be members of their school instrumental music program, if one exists. Wind and percussion students must be in their school band, and string students must be in their school orchestra, if these programs are offered at their school. Non-participation in the school instrumental music program requires an approval letter submitted to the CSOYO Manager from the school band or orchestra director, prior to the student’s audition.



  1. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION: We are partnering with Acceptd to host our applications and auditions. The Application period is open from April 1 - 29, 2022. All applications and audition fees must be submitted through Acceptd (see link below). 
  2. APPLICATION FEE: The non-refundable $38.00 application fee must be paid online through Accepted. You will be prompted to to create an Acceptd account if you don't already have one in order to apply. Application Fee waivers are available through Acceptd if certain qualifications are met. Please see the landing page for more information. 
  3. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION (If required see above eligibility requirements) should be submitted through the Acceptd platform as part of your application. 
  4. COMPLETED IN PERSON AUDITION (See Below). Qualified applicants will receive a link to schedule their own audition time through Acceptd in early May. If you have not received an invitation to schedule your audition by May 5, please contact the CSOYO Manager at


                 AUDITION DATES:            Monday May 9, Monday May 16, Thursday May 19, 2022 (attend 1 only)

                AUDITION TIMES:            between 5:00 – 9:00 PM as scheduled

                AUDITION LOCATION:      First Baptist Church, 401 Gateway Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37402

***Not all instruments will have available times on all 3 days. If you have an unavoidable conflict with available times, please contact the CSOYO Manager at



CSOYO Auditions will include scales, excerpts, and SIGHTREADING (new this season). All required scales and excerpts can be found on the Auditions Material page of this website, HERE >



Following auditions, applicants will be placed in an orchestra or on an alternate list and will be notified by June 15, 2022.

Chair placements:

SYMPHONY/PHILHARMONIC: Symphony and Philharmonic Strings/Woodwinds/Brass members will initially be seated by score ranking using audition scores. We will also use a “rotation” system during the season, where members may switch chairs (part assignments for winds) every concert cycle. This practice will provide every student an opportunity to play at various chair placements in the orchestra. Rotations are made at the discretion of the conductor.

ETUDE/PRELUDE: Chair placement for ETUDE/PRELUDE will be made based on score rankings following auditions and may be adjusted during the season at the discretion of the conductor.

Thank you for your interest in the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera Youth Orchestras. If you have any questions, please call the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera Youth Orchestras office at 423-267-9011 or email at