Late Auditions

Late auditions will be held close to the first regular rehearsal of the season. Musicians are eligible to audition late if they meet these requirements:

  1. There is an opening available.
  2. The musician moved into the Chattanooga area after the spring audition dates.
  3. OR the musician was unable to audition in the spring for some reason, subject to approval. Auditionees should follow the Appeals process and submit a parental letter and a letter from another source detailing the special circumstances and why the musician was unable to audition previously. The Appeal will be reviewed by the CSOYO Manager and the Conductors for approval.

Late audition applicants must:

  1. Complete the online Membership Application and submit it.
  2. Submit the $20.00 application fee online or via check payment.
  3. Submit a video audition via Flipgrid. (Instructions will be provided by the CSOYO Manager upon receipt of the application and fee.)

The late audition requirements consist of all 5 scales listed in the AUdition Materials, along with the 2 excerpts corresponding to the orchestra for which the applicant is auditioning. Information is available by instrument on the Auditions page of this website. If selected, late auditionees will be placed at the end of their section and will not be eligible to audition for Principal.


If any sections of the Symphony or Philharmonic orchestras were not filled adequately and additional members are desired, any local musician may audition for these vacancies at Late Auditions if they complete an application, pay the audition fee and sign up for an audition time. (See the late audition requirements mentioned above). See the homepage for current vacancies. These musicians, if selected, will be placed at the end of the section and are not eligible to audition for Principal.

Additional seats in the Prelude or Etude orchestras are currently not available. If the Prelude/Etude Conductor has additional requests for musicians later in the season, information will be posted on the website regarding any openings (see below).


If a vacancy occurs in the Symphony once the season begins, the next qualified player in the Philharmonic will be considered to move up, subject to the approval of the Conductors.

Otherwise, any vacancies that occur will be filled as needed by invitation from the Conductors. Any new members must complete an application, pay the audition fee and audition for a panel.

QUESTIONS? Please contact the CSOYO Manager at

PAY LATE AUDITION FEE HERE (not available until after July 16, 2021 - checks can be mailed to the CSO Office, 736 Georgia Avenue, Suite 101, Chattanooga TN 37402)