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Musicians interested in joining the CSOYO should be familiar with the information under the ABOUT tab on this website as well as CSOYO Rehearsal Schedules and Policies before making the decision to audition. 


   1. Complete the Membership Application below. If you are unable to access this form, please contact the CSOYO Manager at       to request an application form via email. 

   2. Pay the $20.00 non-refundable Audition Fee online HERE or by check sent to CSOYO, 736 Georgia Avenue Suite 101, Chattanooga, TN 37402.

   3. Submit any required letters of recomendation (see Eligibility requirements) to the CSOYO Manager via email at

   4. Complete an online audition via Flipgrid. See the Audition Materials page for more information. You will receive a unique Flipgrid ID and instructions on how to complete your video audition once your application is complete. 

Application must be completed by April 23, 2021. Online Audition dates are May 21-24, 2021. 


CSOYO Membership Application

The information in this application is used throughout the season for communication. Please provide accurate email addresses that are checked regularly. Parents: if you are completing this form for your student, please enter only the student's information in the student fields. There is a separate section for parent information. Please do not enter duplicate information. Thank you. 

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Check the orchestra you wish to audition for (check only one). Please read the audition requirements on the CSOYO website.
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Student Email

Please list a student email that is checked daily. This email will be used throughout the season for communication. If the student does not have an email, please leave this blank. DO NOT fill in a parent's email. Parent information is requested in a different section.
Student E-mail:

Student Phone

If student does not have a phone number that they check daily, please leave blank. Do not fill in a parent's phone number here.
Student Phone:

Parent/Guardian 1

Please list the primary parental contact and include an email that is checked daily. This email will be used for communication throughout the season. Please do not list the same email or phone number in multiple fields. 
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Parent/Guardian 2

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Additional Emergency Contact



Grade (2021-2022) - Please select the grade level you will be in the Fall of 2021.*
School Name:
School Address:
Does your school have an orchestra or band program? *
If your school has an orchestra or band program, do you participate in it? *

School Music Director

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Music Information

How many years have you been playing the instrument on which you will be auditioning?*

Private Teacher

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Student Past Music Experience:*
Have you previously been a member of the CSOYO?*
If yes, please list dates and orchestras:


All students are required to audition for the CSOYO each year. A $20 (non-refundable) fee must be paid in order to receive a scheduled audition time.

Please make checks payable to CSO Youth Orchestras and mail to the following address:

CSO Youth Orchestras
ATTN: Auditions
736 Georgia Avenue Suite 101
Chattanooga, TN 37402.
You may also pay online via the payment button on the CSOYO Auditions page.

By participating in CSOYO Video Auditions, I pledge to represent myself and my musical ability fairly, accurately, and honestly, to the best of my ability. I understand that failure to adhere to the highest levels of honesty in following audition procedures will jeopardize and possibly disqualify my audition.

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