First Baptist Church

CSOYO Monday Night Rehearsals

Policies and Procedures
First Baptist Church, Chattanooga
401 Gateway Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37402

BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: Please complete the Health Questionnaire online within 12 hours of your rehearsal time to log your health status. Check your temperature before you leave home. If you are running a fever, please do not come to rehearsal, and notify the CSOYO Manager of your absence.

SAFETY MEASURES: All CSOYO members, parents/volunteers, coaches and staff must abide by the safety rules that have been put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice. These measures include, but are not limited to, wearing masks indoors, maintaining 6 feet of social distance when indoors, not sharing stands, frequent hand-washing/sanitizing, and sanitizing high-touch surfaces before and after rehearsal. Please familiarize yourself with all safety procedures. Failure to comply may result in being asked to leave rehearsal and/or dismissal from the CSOYO with complete forfeit of tuition. Please read the CSOYO COVID-19 Rehearsal and Performance Safety document and notify the CSOYO manager if you have any questions or issues.

DIRECTIONS: From 1-24: Take the US 27 N/Downtown exit. Take Exit 1B – Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. At the light at the end of the exit ramp, turn LEFT onto MLK. At the second light, turn RIGHT onto Gateway Avenue. The church is at the intersection of Gateway Avenue and Cameron Hill Drive. Go PAST Cameron Hill Drive and take the second LEFT into the main parking lot using the entrance off Gateway Avenue.

From US 27 S: Just after crossing the TN River, take the Gateway Avenue exit to the right. At the end of the ramp, turn RIGHT onto Gateway Avenue, and immediately RIGHT into the main parking lot of FBC.

PARKING & ENTRY/EXIT: In an effort to keep members in “pods” that don’t intermingle, each orchestra will have a separate parking area at FBC and use separate designated entrances:

PRELUDE: Follow Chapel Entrance sign to enter narrow parking lot between Chapel and Cameron Hill Circle. Enter and exit through CHAPEL ENTRANCE doors. Rehearsal will be held in the PARLOR.

ETUDE: Follow Chapel Entrance sign to enter narrow parking lot between Chapel and Cameron Hill Circle. Enter and exit through CHAPEL ENTRANCE doors. Rehearsal will be held in the PARLOR. 

PHILHARMONIC: Use large main parking lot entrance off Gateway Avenue and park on the far right side, closest to HWY 27 and along the right side of the building. Enter on the right side of the main sanctuary building, down the side stairs at the FELLOWSHIP HALL WELCOME CENTER ENTRANCE. Turn right into the FELLOWSHIP HALL. Rehearsal will be the Fellowship Hall. Exit through the same FELLOWSHIP HALL WELCOME CENTER ENTRANCE.

SYMPHONY: Use large main parking lot entrance off Gateway Avenue and park in upper left corner, near the wide stairs. Go up the stairs and enter at the LOBBY ENTRANCE to the left of the bell steeple. Turn right into the Sanctuary lobby and left into the Sanctuary. Rehearsal will be in the Sanctuary. EXIT through the same LOBBY ENTRANCE.

PARENTS: Parents will be allowed to walk their children to the designated entrance doors and check them in at the attendance tables, but will not be allowed to enter the rehearsal rooms or wait inside the building during rehearsal. All parents should wait in their vehicles in the parking lot unless they are signed up to volunteer.

CHECK-IN/ATTENDANCE: ALL CSOYO Members MUST check in at the Attendance Table for their orchestra prior to every rehearsal. This is for attendance records and also for contact tracing. Parents can walk their members into the building, but outside drop-off is preferred. Temperatures of all individuals will be checked upon entry using a contactless thermometer. Anyone with a high temperature will not be allowed to enter rehearsal, and will be asked to wait outside until parents can pick them up. Parents should wait for a few minutes after dropping children off, in case of an issue that
would prevent attendance at rehearsal.

REHEARSAL TIMES: Rehearsal times have been staggered to alleviate congestion at check-in and reduce contact between orchestra members as much as possible. All CSOYO rehearsals will last 1 hour.

PRELUDE: 5:15 – 6:15 PM
ETUDE: 7:00 – 8:00 PM

There will be a 45-minute break between rehearsals to allow for the air to clear and appropriate cleaning measures to be taken.

REHEARSAL AREAS: The Prelude Orchestra will rehearse in the Parlor, located on the main level next to the Chapel, located on the far left side of the building, next to Cameron Hill Circle. Members should check in at the Attendance Table inside the CHAPEL ENTRANCE, then proceed into the Parlor.

The Etude orchestra will rehearse in the Parlor, located on the main level next to the Chapel, located on the far left side of the building, Members should check in downstairs at the LOWER CHAPEL ENTRANCE at the Attendance table, then proceed upstairs and into the hallway. The Parlor is on the immediate left. Etude members MUST exit from the Main CHAPEL ENTRANCE on the upper level into the narrow parking lot adjacent to Cameron Hill Drive. They should NOT exit using the downstairs door, due to other groups that will be in that space on Monday evenings at the end of rehearsal. Parents should move vehicles around to the narrow lot after dropping off at the lower entrance.

The Philharmonic STRING PLAYERS and WIND PLAYERS will rehearse in the Fellowship Hall, located on the lower level of the Sanctuary. Members should check in at the Attendance Table located inside the FELLOWSHIP HALL WELCOME CENTER ENTRANCE, then turn right into the Fellowship Hall, taking cases and all belongings with them.

The Symphony STRING PLAYERS and WIND/PERCUSSION PLAYERS will rehearse in the Sanctuary, located on the main level (same as the Main Lobby). Members should check in at the Attendance Table located in the Main Lobby inside the LOBBY ENTRANCE at the top of the wide stairs, then proceed right into the Sanctuary Lobby and then left into the Sanctuary, taking cases and all belongings with them.

RESTROOMS: Members of each orchestra should use the restrooms assigned to their rehearsal space ONLY.

Prelude & Etude: restrooms are located right outside the Parlor, near the Chapel entrance.
Philharmonic: restrooms are located just outside the Fellowship Hall downstairs
Symphony: restrooms are located in the Sanctuary Lobby Or the Main Lobby.

CSOYO Members and parents should NOT wander around OR enter any other areas of FBC, including the Nursery or Youth areas downstairs, or the upstairs administrative areas or School of Fine Arts rooms, at any time on Monday nights. Please be respectful of our wonderful hosts at FBC and remain only in CSOYO designated areas. Thank you!

DEPARTURE: At the end of rehearsals, musicians should quickly sanitize their rehearsal space/equipment and move outside as soon as possible, maintaining safe social distances at all times. Members should avoid congregating inside the building to socialize.

CONCERTS: Both concerts will be livestreamed for a fee. Some members of the general public may be approved to attend concerts. Those who are attending concerts should enter either at the main CSOYO Door for concerts in the Sanctuary, or at the Chapel Door (on the Cameron Hill Drive side of the building) for Chapel concerts. All attendees should SIGN IN, complete temperature checks and register their contact information for contact tracing purposes before entering the hall for the concert.

Attendees should use the restrooms located closest to their meeting or performance location, and refrain from wandering around the FBC building at any time, remaining in CSOYO designated areas only. Thank you!

POSITIVE COVID TEST: If a CSOYO member, staff member or volunteer tests POSITIVE for COVID-19, the following actions will be taken:

1. The CSOYO Manager or CSO Executive Director should be notified immediately.

2. The CSOYO Manager will notify all members of all orchestras that a positive case was reported, and will share when and where the person was onsite. The person will remain anonymous. Members and their families can make their own determination of whether they need to be in quarantine.

3. The Hamilton Co. Dept. of Health will be responsible for contact tracing. When doing so, they are most concerned with people who were in close proximity (within 6 feet) with an infected person for 15 minutes or longer. The CSOYO expects all persons on site at rehearsal to wear masks and remain six feet apart or more. If these practices are followed, we may not need to shut down rehearsals or require that all people in a particular room be quarantined in the event of one positive case.

The CSOYO will examine each case and if multiple cases are reported in a particular group, we may decide to shut down this group temporarily.

CSOYO Members, staff and volunteers are encouraged to continue to wear masks and practice social distancing while moving through the building before and after rehearsal, and in the parking lot outside, in order to minimize the chance of spread. Carpooling should be avoided whenever possible.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS: The CSOYO relies heavily on parental involvement in order to meet our programming goals and provide a safe environment for our members. Parent volunteers are much appreciated and the CSOYO requests that each member’s family volunteer a minimum of 2 hours per

In 2020-2021, all parent volunteers must follow CSO/CSOYO Safety procedures regarding the COVID-19 virus, including signing a COVID-19 waiver and wearing a mask at all times.


- ATTENDANCE/TEMPERATURE CHECKS: Parents are needed to check temperatures and check in members at the attendance table at weekly rehearsals.
- TUNERS: Parents who are string players are needed to help with tuning in all orchestras a few minutes prior to their weekly rehearsals.
- CLEANERS: Parents are needed to help sanitize rehearsal spaces in between rehearsal sessions.

The CSOYO Manager greatly appreciates all parent and member volunteers! Thank you in advance for your help!