CSOYO Tuition Scholarship Program

Students who have been selected for membership in the CSOYO and who need financial assistance with tuition may apply for full tuition forgiveness through our tuition scholarship program. Tuition Scholarship Applicants must apply and demonstrate need. Full Tuition is covered for those who are approved. To apply, please complete this application by July 16, 2021. You will be notified of any award prior to the tuition due date of August 1, 2021.

CSOYO Tuition Scholarship Application

Please complete and submit this form by July 16, 2021. You may attach supporting materials at the end of this form, or submit them via email to the CSOYO Manager at csoyo@chattanoogasymphony.org.

Applicant Name:*
Applicant Mailing Address:*
Date of Birth:*
Current School Attending:*
Number of Years Attended:*
Number of Years Played:*
Has applicant received a CSOYO Scholarship in the past?*
Does applicant receive Free or Reduced Lunch at school?*

If you answered "YES" to the question directly above, please attach a copy of the completed free/reduced lunch document here. You may also submit it to the CSOYO Manager via email.

Parent or Guardian Name*
Parent/Guardian Mailing Address:*
Annual Family Income:*
Number of Family Members in Household:*

Briefly explain the need for a CSOYO Tuition Scholarship. You may also attach additional information in support of your request, if desired.