Open Rehearsals

YO Members are invited to attend a YO Only Open CSO Rehearsal and sit on stage (at an appropriate social distance) with the CSO Musicians. See and hear professional musicians and conductors up close and learn what a professional orchestra rehearsal is really like. This experience is a Member Benefit provided to current CSOYO members only, free of charge.

See the Members Only page on the CSOYO Website for available dates and locations.


All CSO/CSOYO Safety Policies regarding COVID-19 must be followed at all times.

  1. SIGN UP ONLINE BY SUNDAY: All attendees must sign up online through the CSOYO Manager by Sunday evening prior to the rehearsal date in order to be placed on the Door List. Attendance is limited to current YO Members only (no parents or guests). The CSOYO Manager will be onsite at all times.
  2. ARRIVE EARLY: Attendees should arrive no later than 15 minutes PRIOR to the scheduled start of the rehearsal. Due to union regulations, the rehearsal will start promptly and no movement is allowed on or off stage during the rehearsal. There will be one break. Any late attendees will be held at the door and seated at this time.
  3. 3. BE PROFESSIONAL: Food and drink, phones, cologne/perfume, talking, movement and other distractions are disruptive to the rehearsal and are not permitted. Anyone in violation may be asked to leave the rehearsal. YO Members will have time to converse and ask questions during the break. The CSOYO Manager will be on site to supervise YO members and provide assistance as needed. Attendees will only be permitted backstage, onstage or in the reserved section of the house.
  4. NO SHOWS: Due to the limited capacity of the Open Rehearsals, members who sign up but do not attend prevent other members from enjoying this benefit. Members will be allowed 1 no show per season. After the 2nd no-show, they will not be permitted to sign up for any future Open Rehearsals. Also, if response is strong, members may be limited to 3 open rehearsals per season to give all members an opportunity to attend.