INTRODUCTION: Membership in the CSOYO comes with the exciting opportunity to learn and perform amazing works of music with a community of dedicated peers and professional leaders, as well as the responsibility to honor your commitment to yourself, your musical colleagues, and the institution of the CSOYO. As in any group activity, each individual is an important part of each rehearsal experience, and your presence is vital both to your musical progress and to the musical progress of those around you. By accepting your seat in the CSOYO, we expect that you have decided to make CSOYO a priority in your musical life. Each Member may have a different reason for wanting to be a member of the CSOYO, but the one thing we all have in common is the CHOICE we have made to be here, and we will collectively honor that choice by maintaining high standards and striving for excellence.

PREPARATION: The finest orchestral performances are achieved when preparation happens in two places – at home and at rehearsal. CSOYO members should prepare music individually outside of rehearsal, learning notes, rhythm, articulation, fingerings and bowing at home and with the aid of private teachers or school music directors. CSOYO weekly rehearsal time is dedicated to perfecting the ensemble performance, including phrasing, dynamics, balance and interpretation. With only 1-2 hours together each week, this can only be achieved when all members come to rehearsal individually prepared.

ATTENDANCE: All Members are expected to attend all rehearsals and concerts, to arrive 15 minutes early, bring their instruments, music, and a pencil, and to remain throughout the rehearsals and concerts.

Perfect attendance is the recommended goal for each CSOYO member!

CONCERT CYCLES: Each concert performed by the CSOYO is prepared in a cycle of rehearsals, and each rehearsal is critical in preparing Members for their upcoming concert. Absence, lateness, or early departure detracts from the learning environment, disrupts the members’ learning process, and impacts the performance level of the entire ensemble. The rehearsal cycles for each concert are listed on the calendar for each orchestra. There are 3 concert cycles: Fall Concert, Winter/Side by Side Concert, and Spring Concert.

Members should check in at the attendance table for each rehearsal and concert. Failure to check in will result in being marked absent automatically.

NOTIFICATION: Absences should be reported by emailing the CSOYO Manager or calling the voicemail (423-267-9011) before 4:00 p.m. on scheduled regular rehearsal days. For documentation purposes, please present all attendance notifications to the CSOYO manager in writing via email. You may also call and leave a voicemail message, which is automatically converted into email. PLEASE DO NOT SEND A TEXT TO THIS NUMBER. This is a land line which cannot receive text messages

If an emergency arises after 4:00 p.m. which will cause a member to miss rehearsal, email or call as soon as possible.  Notification of any absence for a venue rehearsal, concert, or event must be made no later than 8 hours before the scheduled rehearsal/performance.  If an emergency arises after that time, email or call as soon as feasible. Please do not assume that notifying the conductor is sufficient. While contacting the conductor is also encouraged and courteous, attendance records are kept by the CSOYO Manager.

REHEARSALS: Members are allowed NO MORE THAN 2 absences during the Fall and Winter concert cycles, and 1 absence during the Spring concert cycle. Weekly rehearsals, venue rehearsals and concerts are included in each cycle. No more than 5 total absences will be allowed for the season – 2 in the Fall, 2 in the Winter, and 1 in the spring. This includes ANY ABSENCE, such as illness, school or other music activities, family vacations, homework and tests, college visits, transportation problems, sports events, religious holidays, school trips, etc.


Please mark your calendars NOW:

Sunday, November 3, 2019:      Philharmonic/Symphony

Sunday, February 23, 2020:       Symphony

Sunday, March 8, 2020:             Prelude/Etude/Philharmonic (including percussion)

Sunday, May 3, 2020:               Prelude/Etude/Philharmonic/Symphony

Members who miss a venue rehearsal will not be allowed to play on the concert and may be dismissed from the CSOYO with forfeiture of the complete amount of tuition. In the event of an unplanned absence due to extenuating emergency circumstances, the conductors will have final word on whether the member may perform the concert and maintain membership.

CONCERTS: Concerts are MANDATORY. Any member who misses a concert will be dismissed from the CSOYO with forfeiture of the complete amount of tuition and will not be allowed to audition for the CSOYO for the following season.

ABSENCES: An absence will not be considered excused or unexcused, but simply recorded as an absence.

If a member misses more than the allowed number of absences in a concert cycle, they will not be allowed to play on the concert and may be immediately dismissed from the CSOYO with forfeiture of the complete amount of tuition.

If a member is not allowed to play on a concert due to attendance, they should still attend the concert, check in with the Manager, and sit in the audience for the duration of the concert, in order to avoid missing the concert, which is grounds for immediate dismissal and ineligibility to audition the following year.

APPEALS: In the event of an unplanned emergency situation (illness, death in the family) that would prevent attendance at a mandatory venue rehearsal or concert, or would create an absence from a weekly rehearsal that exceeds the number of absences allowed in a concert cycle, an appeal may be made regarding the absence. A letter signed by a parent or guardian with an explanation, along with secondary documentation in the form of a doctor’s letter, school letter or other supporting legal document must be presented to the CSOYO manager as soon as possible if an appeal is requested, and the appeal is subject to approval. Appeals will be reviewed by the conductors and the manager, and all decisions will be final.

TARDY POLICY:  It is the responsibility of each member to be on time and to be prepared with instrument, music, and any accessories for all rehearsals.  Members are marked tardy when they check-in 7 or more minutes after their scheduled rehearsal start time. A member will be considered tardy for up to one half of their designated rehearsal time.  After that time, the member will be considered absent.  When a member has been tardy three times, they will be credited with an absence.  Leaving rehearsal early (up to half of rehearsal time) is also counted as a tardy. 

SENIORS: Members in their senior year of High School will be allowed 1 additional absence in the Spring Concert Cycle IF NEEDED for an Academic event. The absence must be for a school-sanctioned event and must be approved in advance, prior to the date of the absence. Seniors should submit written documentation of the event (school letter) to the Manager, along with a letter from their parents to request the additional absence, and the request is subject to approval.

LAST MONDAY REHEARSALS: Members are STRONGLY encouraged to attend the last Monday rehearsal prior to a concert. Members who are absent may be reassigned parts or moved within the section at the discretion of the conductors. 

SECTIONAL REHEARSALS: Several times during the year, the Symphony and Philharmonic orchestras will split into sectionals during rehearsal. When they do, they are led by CSO Members who will coach them. The chance to interact and develop relationships with professional musicians is a great benefit of CSOYO membership. Members should make attendance at Sectional rehearsals a priority. These rehearsals are denoted on the calendar.

In the event of a missing instrument, the member is still expected to attend rehearsal.  Any member with a missing instrument who does not attend rehearsal will be credited with an absence.

While we will be monitoring attendance records, it is the responsibility of the member and parent to also keep track of how many absences have been accumulated. If there is any uncertainty about the number of absences accumulated, please verify with the Manager.