CSOYO Rehearsal and Performance Safety

CSOYO COVID-19 Rehearsal/Performance Safety

For all CSOYO members, parents/volunteers, coaches and staff

1. CSOYO rehearsals will last for 1 hour only, and the CSOYO will observe a 45-minute break between groups using the same space, to allow the air to clear and appropriate cleaning measures to take place.

2. CSOYO musicians will rehearse in groups of 50 or less whenever possible. Philharmonic and Symphony orchestras will rehearse in sections of Strings only and Winds/Percussion only.

3. YO Musicians should only use the entrances, exits, and bathrooms designated for their rehearsal area.

4. Rehearsal times will be staggered to minimize crossover with other orchestras.

5. Musicians must complete the online Health Questionnaire before coming to each rehearsal/performance.

6. Temperature checks will occur at check-in and members may be sent home if necessary.

7. Hand sanitizer, gloves and cleaning supplies will be available at all rehearsals and musicians will need to sanitize their own spaces/equipment before and after rehearsal.

8. The CSOYO will provide masks if needed for any musicians, volunteers and staff, and masks are to be worn at all times. Wind players can remove their masks to play (or wear overlapping masks with holes for mouthpieces during rehearsal) but should wear masks when not playing or moving in and out of the building. Masks should cover mouth AND nose. Loose masks that slip off the nose should be appropriately tightened before rehearsal. Bell covers are also recommended for wind instruments (but will not be provided by the CSOYO). Musicians, volunteers and staff are encouraged to wear their own clean masks each week, but the CSOYO will provide masks to anyone who needs one. If anyone is unable to wear a mask for health reasons, they should present a note from a health professional in advance to the CSOYO Manager and accommodations will be discussed.
   - How to Make an Overlapping Mask: https://www.unitedsound.org/mask}
   - Bell Cover example: https://fjminc.com/pages/face-bell-covers
     or something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Trenton-Elastic-Plastic-Covers-medium/dp/B07MLYCZML/ref=sr_1_15?dchild=1&keywords=small+elastic+round+food+covers&qid=1596830564&sr=8-15

9. YO Musicians should store their instrument cases 6 feet from other musicians/cases. Musicians should remain 6 feet apart whenever possible during rehearsal and when moving in and out of the building.

10. YO Musicians are encouraged to provide their own portable music stands for rehearsal. Musicians will not be permitted to share stands. If a musician does not have a stand, one will be available at rehearsal.

11. Chairs will be provided by FBC. Musicians may also elect to stand for rehearsal with the approval of their conductor.

12. Percussionists must sanitize all percussion instruments before and after rehearsal, and every time a different musician plays a new instrument previously handled by another musician, using cleaning supplies provided by the CSOYO. Gloves may be worn and disposed of when musicians move from one instrument to the next.

13.Musicians may only drink bottled water during rehearsals. No other food or beverages are allowed in the FBC Building.

14. There will be no non-essential personnel or visitors in the FBC Building for rehearsals or performances. Parents will be admitted only if they are registered as a volunteer and they are wearing a mask at all times.

15. Woodwind players will not blow into keys to remove water when other musicians are within 15 feet. The CSOYO will provide individual trashcans with liners and paper towels in the bottom to each brass player. Musicians are responsible for taking and disposing of the liners after each rehearsal/performance.

16. Any CSOYO member, volunteer, or staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to anyone who tests positive should notify the CSOYO Manager immediately and stay home until they receive medical clearance to be released from quarantine. The CSOYO Manager will notify all orchestra members and parents of the positive case (with anonymity). Members who test positive or are exposed to a positive case should quarantine for 14 days, with the last day being fever-free without medication. A health professional’s note will be required to return to rehearsal.

17. If any individuals have an issue with complying with any of the safety rules, they can discuss those issues with their conductor or the CSOYO Manager. Non-compliance with the rules may result in an individual being asked to leave a rehearsal and may result in dismissal from the CSOYO with complete forfeiture of tuition.