Elizabeth Lindley

NAME: Elizabeth Lindley 



# OF YEARS IN YO: 3 years

PRIVATE TEACHER: Mrs. Patricia Roberts (aka the coolest person ever)

WHY I CHOSE MY INSTRUMENT: I’m not sure if I can pinpoint the exact moment of when I chose my instrument because I’ve always been a great admirer of the violin. The first thing that comes to mind is watching Charles Ingalls fiddling on “Little House On the Prairie”. The irony is that if you look back on the film you can plainly see that Michael Landon (Charles) has entirely no playing ability.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE YO:  I think that any YO in general is a necessity in every young orchestral musicians life. It equips students with core music and musicianship skills as well as human values and leadership skills. The YO has taught me how to find my “voice” and how to fit that voice into the intricate interlacing of notes we use to color this world.